Does This Dream Make Your Hair Stand On End??

I had the scariest dream the other night.

I dreamt that my next door neighbor had filled his entire front yard with Automatic Teller Machines like they have at the bank. There were hundreds of them, and he was walking from one ATM to the next, sticking his bank card in, punching in his secret code, and taking out cash. And every time he took out another pile of cash from a machine, he would look at me, point and laugh.

No, I wasn’t naked. I was wearing a clown outfit, complete with giant shoes, a big red nose, and a ridiculous costume. In the dream, I could tell I was wearing a hat, so I took it off to look at it. Turns out it was one of those big orange traffic cones, with one addition: bright flashing neon online pharmacy levitra letters on it that spelled out D-U-N-C-E.

I was furious. My neighbor was building this mountain of money in his front yard, and I was (apparently) an idiot.

Now, this might not freak you out, but I woke up in a cold sweat, and here’s why:

Just recently I heard about a revolutionary new tool that creates money making sites with a few mouse clicks. These sites are top-notch, quality, traffic pulling machines moneygram connecticut glastonbury that generate cash. A person can build as many of these sites as they want. And it’s completely guaranteed, no risk what-so-ever.

And what did I do when I heard about it?

I laughed. Said it sounded amoxicillin amoxil online amoxil too good to be true. Figured I was too smart order levitra to try it for myself.

What a dunce.

That dream said it all.

So eventually I signed up.

You might want to, too, so you don’t have a dream where I’M YOUR NEXT DOOR NEIGHBOR and you’re the one in the funny costume.

You may want to checkout what I’m dreaming about soon!

Aloha & Mahalo (Hawaiian Thank You) for spending your valuable time with us.

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