100 Hours of Work Done In 2 Minutes??

100+ hours of human labor done in 2 minutes?!

This is a reminder of the truly revolutionary tool that finally
makes it possible to outsource your marketing to hundreds of
professionals worldwide in less than 2 minutes.

Synnd software is marketing leverage like you’ve never seen or
tried before.

You can currently leverage approximately 100+ hours of human
promotional labor in the time it takes to create a marketing
campaign in the Synnd system (about 2 minutes).

Imagine having your marketing “done for you” while you spend your
new found time doing more important things like building better
content or fine tuning your sales funnel or developing new
business relationships… How could you grow your business if you
outsourced all your marketing chores?

Synnd now offers the following modules:

>>> Content Voting Campaigns
(good for initiating the viral spread of your best content)

>>> Content Bookmarking Campaigns
(good for building deep inbound Social Buzz for Search engine
visibility enhancement as well as improved rankings)

>>> Twitter Re-Tweet Campaigns
(good for almost instant traffic)

>>> Article Syndication to the top article directories
(coming soon – good for building inbound links and establishing
authority in your niche)

Synnd is now 800+ members strong and growing!

Time is running out on the special $1 trial offer

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To your success…

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Aloha and Mahalo (Hawaiian Thank You) for spending your valuable time with us.

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